We Have a Tank?

These missions revolve around a Recon Vehicle which has been discovered in the area. Naturally, it needs to be repaired and then put to use. These missions revolve around the existence of this Recon Vehicle and putting it to use, which will net you the Recon to use later.

報酬: 150経験値
Next Mission: ゾーイに道具を

Zoey needs some tools to repair the tank, and now you need to make a Tool Shop to get to work. You can receive this quest before being able to build a Tool Shop. The quest also comes in two parts, the second part started on the finish of Tool Shop construction.
報酬: 250経験値
Build 1 Noisy Chainsaw
Build 1 Jack Hammer
Build 1 Arc Welder
報酬: 250経験値
Next Mission:Fill Her Up! & Frontier Justice

Fill Her Up!
The tank needs oil, which will be provided by "Frontier Justice". There is no other method of earning that oil.
Give 30 Oil
Reward: 250 XP, 1 Recon

Frontier Justice
Defeat the Silver Wolves at Recoil Ridge
The Silver Wolves are not that difficult to defeat, but you will need to use more strategy than usual. The Humvee and Sharp Shooter are probably the most dangerous units on the field, but with Morgan, the Sheriff, and Sgt. Ramsey, you should be able to handle this easily enough. A Grenadier will go a long way to taking out the Riot Trooper, though.
Reward (Battle): 200 XP, 1 Bars, Gold (amount dependent on level)
Reward: 125 XP, 100 Oil
Next Mission: Perkins Return

Perkins Returns
Build a Farm
Grow 1 Catnip - Farm, 5 minutes
Reward: 250 XP
Next Mission: The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back
Attack the Raider Village!
Attack the Raider's Central Tent
Reward: 325 XP
Next Mission: Wisdom of the Ancients