Housing Development

These quests center around your increasing availability of housing types, and upgrading them accordingly. It starts early on, with the introduction of Camps, and proceeds through the ladder as better options become available. Please note, the quest "Build a Bunkhouse" is completely optional and does not appear to trigger any later quests.

Requires the completion of To the Rescue
報酬: 225経験値
Next Mission: Build a Bakery

Where Do All These People Come From?
Unlocked upon reaching Level 11.
Reach a Population of 78
Reward: 50 XP*

Build a Bunkhouse
Unlocked upon reaching Level 13.
Build 1 Bunkhouse
Cost: 75 Nanopods
Reward: 1500 XP

A Special Mission, Annually - Part 1
Unlocked upon reaching Level 17.
Build a Bakery
Bake 1 Mystery Baked Good, 1 hour
Grow 1 Buddha Hand
Reward: 1750 XP
Next Mission: A Special Mission, Annually - Part 2

A Special Mission, Annually - Part 2
Build 1 Shack
Reward: 1750 XP

Growing, Growing, Gone!
Unlocked upon reaching Level 18
Reach Population 120
Reward: 50 XP
Note: You must reach population 120 after activating the mission. If you are already at 120, you must destroy a housing unit and rebuild one to get to 120.