Sharp Shooter Training

How to Kill People From Quite a Long Way...
Unlocked at Level 16; completion of "A Terrible Boar - Part 5" probably necessary
Train 1 Troopers
Train 1 Gunners
Train 1 Riot Troopers
Reward: 1250 XP
Contributer's Note: This quest seems to have originally been designed to lead to the unlocking of the sharp shooter, but currently (12/2/11) the Sharp Shooter is unlocked after rescuing Cassidy in "A Terrible Boar - Part 5". It is possible a follow-up quest was planned but scrapped . . . or that this is where Z2Live wants to shift the Sharp Shooter to. Anything is conjecture until the current round of patches and quick-fixes are finished. Kereminde 15:27, December 5, 2011 (UTC)