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[anti-Korean activity and spam by]

[anti-Korean activist, spammer, Anti-Japan activist, fake Japanese who is acting as Japanese to make bad impression, right-winger,neto-uyo]


We already made message by using Japanese in January 2012. Please do NOT reply to them without understanding. DO NOT stimulate them.
We are making there pages in order to investigate, collect and provide the information to vocaloid user to prevent problems and prevent reply.

This contents is only research and study propose.
These pages may contain inappropriate contents for the sensitive person.
Thus, please do not read this Website.
We are not promoting these kind of activity.


[anti-Korean activist]

Wondrous Japan Forever
Endangered Japan (Book 1): A Cultural War

Uploaded by GloriousJapanForever on Jun 27, 2011

case 1

YouTube video of account for [Wondrous Japan Forever] was blocked.
One video, which was translated into Korean languade, was bloced by the claim from Korea. June 2012.

Hotmail account for for [Wondrous Japan Forever] temporary stoped.




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